Finance for the non-­Financial Manager

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The Finance for Non-Financial Manager course is designed to help the non-financial manager understand some of the basic principles of accounting and finance. They will be shown how to read the Profit and Loss account, balance sheet and cash flow. They will be shown that understanding how to read these principle reports will be of massive benefit to them in their working life.

Numbers are the language of business, all organisations are measured and and evaluated through their business results.  Not having the skills to read the P&L, assess the balance sheet and effectively manage cash flow means that you will be unable to make decisions with the full facts, and furthermore, you will be unable to assess the consequences of your decisions.

Delegates should not expect to become accountants but should expect to go away with the confidence to question your own departmental or business reports and have an intelligent conversation with your finance department.  You will understand that there are consequences for most, if not all, of your management decisions. You will also be shown that the company finances are the responsibility of all managers and not just the accounting department

Key Content

  • Key financial reports: Profit and loss, cash flow and balance sheet
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Simple accounting and double entry bookkeeping
  • Accrual accounting
  • Understanding marginal and full costing
  • Price margins and mark-¬≠ups


The course is designed for managers who have no formal financial training but are being asked to review financial reports and manage budgets. The managers want to improve their understanding to better manage their departments and business

Course Objectives

Course delegates should be able to:

  • Understand the basic principles of accounting
  • Understand accounting jargon
  • Understand and identify variable costs and fixed costs, break-even point and profit contribution
  • Understand sales mix and the relevance to profitability
  • Manage their budgets
  • Create basic business cases

Course Requirements

Delegates on this course do not require any qualifications or accounting knowledge. It would help the delegates understanding if they have some involvement with finances and financial information.

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