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The advantages and disadvantages of e-learning

Bridget Holmstrom - Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The advantages and disadvantages of e-learning

The benefits in e-learning include the cost efficiency in two ways, first there is less time spent away from the business and it also has flexibility in time and location.  Hospitality professionals have unusual and irregular work patterns and often move location as careers progress.  These work patterns which very often means that external training courses can be difficult to attend.  

Social e-learning is the preferred method of developing management and leadership skills.  The objective is to provide part-time learning opportunities when and where the learner wants to take advantage of the courses available.  The benefits to the employer at that the learner can work at home without taking time away from a work and that, where an Learning Management System is available, the employer can track the performance of the employee. 

The key advantages in e-learning are
  • flexibility as e-learning can be done in small chunks at times that suits the individual learners
  • mobility as the learning can be delivered to the learner rather than the learner having to go to the training
  • no travel is necessary as the e-learning system can go to the e-learner
  • cheaper because there is no trainer, venue or trainers equipment and if the learner already has the computer or tablet then the savings can be considerable
  • tailored to the individual as those sections that the learner finds easy or is familiar with can be skimmed through and those that the learner is not familiar with can be take longer and repeated as necessary
  • technological possibilities are developing everyday and helping with the interaction between the user and the e-learning system
However there are also some disadvantages in e-learning:

  • lack of control as learners with low motivation can fall behind 
  • the approach doesn't suit all people
  • some learners can feel isolated
  • technology issues such as poor internet connections can cause problems
  • not all learners are competent or familiar with computers and therefore not happy with e-learning
So e-learning suits most people but not all.  Certainly there are benefits in terms of flexibility and cost which should be taken advantage of.