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Cash is King!

Bridget Holmstrom - Tuesday, October 07, 2014
Cash is King!

Seminar 5.30pm, Tuesday 29th October

Many reports show that the main reason for failure within the SME sector is not because the business is not profitably but because they have run out of cash.  Indeed many profitable, growing, companies fail because they run out of cash.  Managers have failed to adequately forecast the implications of rapid growth on their cash flow and chased after revenues.

BH Financial Tuition is holding an introductory seminar that will explain why cash is the most important part of any small business, or indeed of any size.  Those companies with sufficient cash flow have the power to make choices, whether these choices are related to investments, projects or acquisitions.  Those businesses without cash quickly run out of choices and managers must spend their days raising the money to pay their creditors and employees.  The alternatives available to them are diminished in scope.

The seminar will go through the ways that cash can be maintained within the business and the ways that cash can be thrown away or worse still earned and not received.

This seminar is free to attend.