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Business Top Tips for 2015

Bridget Holmstrom - Friday, January 02, 2015

Business Tips for 2015 from business owners

James Watt co-founder Brewdog

'Be forensic with your finances .....  It isn't the fun or sexy part of running a company but it is vital'

Rob Baines co-founder Snog

'Never spend more than you are making'

Danae Ringelmann Indiegogo

'change starts with you'

Angus Thirlwell founder of Hotel Chocolat

'How your customers view your business is the only view that counts'

Sophie Trenchell MD Divine Chocolate

Planning what you want to achieve within the next year and work out what external support and internal skills are needed to get you there'

Simon Woodruffe founder Yo Sushi!

'Be willing to fail - only be putting yourself on the line can you achieve success'

Edwina Dunn Chief Executive Starcount

'Maintaining your passion and vision through all the ups and downs will take courage and stamina'

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