Cash flow forecasting

Cash flow is the most important consideration in most small businesses.  Having enough means that the organisation can run smoothly and the directors have peaceful nights.  Not having enough means the a business owner spends too much time worrying about when the next payment will be received from customers and how they will manage to find the cash to pay the suppliers.  Forecasting cash flow can help a business get a grip of when cash comes in and when cash goes out.

How we can help

First of all we find out exactly what you need and why you need to start forecasting cash flows.  It may be that you want to get a loan from a bank or other source of finance and one of their requirements is that you provide a cash flow.  If you want to grow the business then you will also want to make sure that you have a very good grasp of the timing of you cash flows.  We will go through the fundamentals of cash flow - the key influences - and then work with you to design a cash flow forecast template that is of value to you.  Finally, together we will identify when cash comes in, when cash goes out and show where the shortfalls are likely to occur.  The session will be an interactive session and the object is to ensure that every person gains full benefit.

Don't forget that the price of the training includes a follow-up session to clarify any points that still cause problems or confusion . 

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Finance for non financial managers

Finance gives managers an overview of the health of a business.  Being able to read and understand the financial reports means that you will get early warnings that things may be going off the rails - for better and worse.  Relying on the accountant to check the accounts is better than nothing but means relying on someone who understands accounts but does not, necessarily, understand your business. 

How we can help

First of all we will find out exactly what you want to cover and where you need particular support. It could be that you want to understand the P&L, sales mix, gross profit and overheads. It may be that you want to focus on working capital, how much cash you need on a daily basis, how quickly your customers pay you and how fast you are paying your suppliers.  You may want to understand the jargon that is accountancy speak.  We will design the training session so that your concerns are addressed ensure that you are given a solid basis to better understand your business and use the finance information that you are being given.

Training is wonderful but very often you only think of those questions after the day is over. Don't worry, the price of the training includes a follow up session so that you can ask those questions. 

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